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Corporate Wellness

There are a wide variety of Wellness Programs that any size company can do for both the company’s bottom line and the employees’ health.

Don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. Customizing our Wellness Programs to meet each company’s specific needs is what we do.

Some popular programs for companies both large and small:

- Weight-loss contests with informative discussions and educational handouts on a variety of Health and Wellness topics

- The Walk and Talk - This involves getting the employees moving, as the instructor/leader covers a specific fitness topic; the plus of a program like this is that it can take place in any location large enough to walk in

- Exercise Workshops - We offer workshops on how to exercise safely and effectively even with a chronic physical condition

- Desk Pilates - Movements and stretches designed for the “seated” employee

- The “No-equipment needed” workout - Learn how to exercise with no gym equipment using just your bodyweight as resistance

Corporate Health Fairs - We hold a health fair for the company employees using select local vendors appropriate to the needs of your work population

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